It’s not just recreation. It’s re-creation.

Mary's Rock Tunner   
The tunnel, 670 feet long,
was bored through the solid granite
of Mary's Rock in 1932.
Shenandoah National Park has many points of interest. For many, the experience starts on Skyline Drive—a national scenic byway that offers just a glimpse of all Shenandoah has to offer. Stop at one of the Park's visitor centers - Dickey Ridge Visitor Center at mile 4.6 or Byrd Visitor Center at milepost 51 on Skyline Drive - to get your maps, permits, view exhibits and plan your visit.

You’ll soon discover that Shenandoah’s dramatic expanses of unspoiled wilderness, fascinating historic sites and tradition of inspired recreation combine to create a vacation unlike any other. It’s more than just a good time. It’s the pathway to renewal.

And after spending time exploring, spend the evening relaxing at Skyland Resort, Big Meadows Lodge or Lewis Mountain Cabins.  Enjoy a leisurely meal at Skyland or Big Meadows or cook out under the stars from your cabin at Lewis Mountain. 

The Shenandoah River and Shenandoah Valley are to the west. The rolling hills of the Virginia Piedmont, to the east. And in between, there’s a whole lot of fun in Shenandoah National Park.