Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Shenandoah" mean?

The word "Shenandoah" is of unknown Native American origin. The most popular and romanticized belief is that it comes from a Native American expression for "Beautiful Daughter of the Stars".

Are pets allowed in guest room?

Yes.  We offer pet-friendly properties at Shenandoah National Park. A non-refundable fee of $25 per pet per night will be charged for pet rooms. 
For more information, policies web page.

What are the Park entrance Fees?

  • $20 per private, non-commercial vehicle. Pass is valid for day of purchase and next six days. Includes passenger cars, pickup trucks, RVs, vans, and converted buses.
  • $15 pass is valid for day of purchase and next six days.
  • $10 per person 16 years of age or older when entering by means other than a private, non-commercial vehicle, such as bicycles; taxis and limousines providing transportation only; buses carrying passengers not on a pre-packaged tour such as school groups visiting for recreational purposes; and buses or vans registered to non-profit organizations such as churches or schools. A family traveling together shall pay no more than the vehicle fee.
  • $25.00+: 1-6 Passengers ($25.00 + $5.00 per passenger)
  • $75.00: 7-15 Passengers
  • $100.00: 16-25 Passengers
  • $200.00: 26+ Passengers
  • Pass is valid for the day of purchase and the next six days for a vehicle carrying the same group of passengers. A commercial tour is defined as consisting of one or more persons traveling on an itinerary that has been packaged, priced, or sold for leisure or recreational purposes by an organization that realizes financial gain through the provision of the service. The entry fees of commercial tours are based upon the total capacity of vehicles that can carry seven or more passengers regardless of the actual number of passengers. Possession of a national park passport or the ages of the passengers does not affect the price charged unless the vehicle's capacity is less than 7 passengers, excluding the driver.
    For more information, visit National Park Services website.
    *Above fees are subject to change.

    I only have a few hours... how do I see the park?

    Activities abound at Shenandoah National Park so to make the most of your time, please visit the activities page of this website for information and the schedule of events and activities.

    What time can I check in?

    Accommodations are available for check in at 3:00PM.  Check out is at 11:00AM.

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